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The code that underpins your website is a vital component of both your site’s architecture and its design. For the Rutgers site’s foundational architecture we are recommending a Content Management System such WordPress or Drupal. Expert-level skills are needed to make sure the installation and modification of this code is done in such a way as to ensure site stability, long-term upgradability, and ease of maintenance. The execution of the design requires a developer skilled in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), the de facto standard of web design implementation.

Mark Libkuman & Eric Goldhagen

WebsiteLinkedIn • Labor and NGO • Electoral Campaigns

Eric GMark and Eric compose the core working crew of OpenFlows Community Technology Labs. Mark is an open source project developer and specializes in free software, project management, interface design/programming, and database architecture/programming. Eric is a Senior Partner and media technology analyst at Openflows and draws on 20 years of media and networking technology experience, and is responsible for managing Openflows’ day-to-day operations.

OpenFlows was chosen for their unparalleled expertise in Drupal and CiviCRM development, and their past work list includes labor, NGO, educational, and electoral clients. OpenFlows provides a specific focus and expertise on Drupal and CiviCRM systems, and are experts at the PHP and MySQL tools that underpin those systems. OpenFlows also provides long-term support contracts for technical assistance, security, and upgrades of CMS/CiviCRM systems.

“We’re available and ready to work on this project.”

Ben Jaffe



Ben is a freelancer and technology consultant with a specialty in CSS, as well as other cutting edge web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, and JQuery. He is a web designer and developer, a new media expert, a programmer, and teaches on all of these topics. In addition to his project work for clients, Ben also co-hosts GeekSpeak, a radio show and NPR-syndicated podcast about science and technology, instructs for tech giants such as Adobe and Intuit, and teaches for several technology training companies in the Bay Area.

“The Rutgers project looks interesting and I’m happy to get involved.”

Jackie Shelley

Portfolio • LinkedIn

JackieJackie Shelly is proficient in WordPress, CSS, and social media networking. She has a Masters in English and has a focus on content and language. Her clients include commercial sites throughout the Silicon Valley, as well as independent online social media campaign work. She has a keen eye for editorial detail. Jackie will be handling the bulk of the content migration from the old site to the new site and is available for the creation of new content as needed.

“I’m already active on this project.”

Drew Hornbein

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Drew is a Freelance Interactive Design Consultant with over a decade of experience in coding for the web. He has a specialization in WordPress, CSS, and PHP, and is skilled in the rapid development of design ideas into completed pages. His client list includes both commercial and non-profit work, including campaign and activism-related websites, and is himself a community organizer.

“I’m free in February to start work on this project and I’d be more than happy to work together again.”

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