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A good design is crucial to providing a good user experience to your site’s visitors. A clean, professional design is all about helping visitors quickly reach the information they seek. A good design loads faster, is inviting to read, and gives your organization a modern, professional, and above all organized appearance. Our designers have decades of experience in design. You may click on their portfolio links or LinkedIn profiles to see samples of their work and the wealth of experience they bring to the table.

Fiona Burgess

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fionaFiona has over a decade of design experience, and her clients have included politicians, campaigns, and companies such as eBay, PayPal, and Pacific Gas & Electricity.

“Working with Scott is always an inspired experience. His knowledge and skill is exemplary and he is passionate about keeping up on the latest technology trends. He can fix any problem, and will explain the issue to you in words you can understand with a profound patience and genuine interest. This skill also makes him a great trainer, even to a non-technical audience. Scott is a reliable and productive team member; his charismatic personality and creativity are an asset to any project he is involved in. I have worked with him on many complex issues, and have always found him to be a great collaborator. I’d be happy to work with him on the Rutgers project as needed.”

Vicky Peterson


Vicky Peterson 200Vicky has been active in web design since the very first days of the web, and her clients include publishing companies, banks, and silicon valley tech companies.

“As his business partner, I enjoyed sharing with Scott the thrill, the hard work and the experience of starting a new company in the budding new industry of desktop design. With the steady help and support of a solid partnership, Scott and I were able to more than fulfill our clients design and graphical needs. He both supported the business with his technical know-how and skill and also contributed to the design process with creative concepts and design talent. His greatest contribution was his innate ability to understand the larger picture and expertly manage our client’s projects from beginning to end. I’d absolutely be happy to work with him on this project.”

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